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FARGO Moorhead

Q: When do I need to check out?
A: No later than noon on the last day of the month all cleaning and carpet cleaning must be done.  Please call your manager to schedule an appointment.  

Q: What do I write a check/rent check to?
A: We provide a free service to pay your rent online.  This is located on the top of the website.  If you need to write a check please pay to your building property name “The Fountains,” “Maple Creek,” etc...

Q: Can I pay rent online?
A: Yes, please click on the “pay rent” tab on the top the the home page.  This will take you through a registration process.  You can even set up on autopay!

Q: How much notice to I need to give? How do I submit my notice?
A: You must give a full 60 day notice to vacate unless your lease is up and you are currently on month to month.  If you are on month to month you must give a full 30 days notice to vacate which must be provided by the end of the month.  If you are on month to month, notice on March 15th would not release you from responsibility on April 15, but it would be valid for the end of April.  
A: You should submit your notice from our website.  The notice is under the “forms” section.

Q: What if I need to break my lease?
A: You are in a legal contract.  However, management is willing to work with our customers in certain situations.  If we are able to lease your unit with a qualified individual, you will be released of responsibility.  You will get your deposit back (after a walk through).  You will however, be charged a $250 re-rental fee to cover management expenses.  Please contact management immediately if you need to break your lease.

Q: How do I submit a maintenance request?
A: Please submit a written request under our “forms” section of our website.  A member of our staff will contact you to complete the request if you deem necessary.

Frequently Asked Questions